beyond tellerrand 2012


On this page you find the schedule of beyond tellerrand taking place on 19th and 20th of November. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Stay updated.

Monday, 19th | Tuesday, 20th

09:00 Doors open // Registration

Eye Movement and Typeface Legibility

This presentation takes a look at the mechanics of eye movement in reading, the different factors that can affect reading, and tackles the question of eye movement control, which is in essence the question of where and when to move the eyes. It also investigates the effects of the visual characteristics of text on reading, and offers a new definition of legibility that is rooted in the research of eye movement in reading.

10:45 30 Minute Break

Interacting Responsibly (and Responsively!)

The explosion of smartphones and tablets has caused us to radically rethink the ways we publish publishing content, but the web is a fast-moving target. With an ever-growing roster of devices already in circulation—each with their own unique set of features, browser quirks, screen sizes, and bandwidth limitations—the idea of a single codebase that "just works everywhere" may be starting to feel like a pipe dream.

Fortunately for us, responsive web design provides us with an incredibly powerful set of tools for handling uncertainty—and when paired with the principles of progressive enhancement, we're well on our way to a fully device-agnostic approach to the web without introducing unnecessary overhead or barriers to accessibility. In this presentation we'll discuss strategies for managing the delivery of rich assets, reducing potential points of failure, and dealing with a vast landscape of unknown factors.

12:00 15 Minute Break

Web Standards for cross-device design: what next?

Since Facebook announced that betting on HTML5 was its "biggest mistake", the "native vs web apps" debate has reignited with greater heat, but very little new light. In this session, Bruce will look at what's coming up in web standards that will bring greater capabilities to web apps that work across mobiles, desktop, TV - things like webRTC, CSS Flexbox, new CSS Units, CSS Device Adaptations and a peek at what's being discussed for Media Queries level 4.

13:00 Lunch Break (not provided)

Twitter, Berocca, Microsoft – Designer Experiences

In this session Mike will will be quizzed by web design supremo, Mark Boulton on Mike's experiences as a designer. They'll cover subjects familiar to all designers such as design process, creativity in design, how to beat creative block, motivation and inspiration.

Get insights on how a designer gets to work with blue chip companies: do they approach the designer, does the designer have to sell his soul, what if I am a one man band and think I am good enough to work to get high profile work?

Mike shows examples of his work, talks about his process, his methods and lets you fire questions at him too!

15:45 15 Minute Break

Colouring the Web

In a time where exciting things like HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design are at the top of everyone's minds, a complex topic like colour can easily be brushed aside by designers, developers, and clients alike. When used appropriately, it can be a powerful method of communication with strong persuasive effects, but when used inappropriately, the effects can be much more serious than you think.

In this session we'll learn a variety of important things to remember when working with colour on the web — things like colour theory, message and meaning, accessibility, coding tips, and even the dreaded topic of colour management — proving that colour needs to be considered in every step of our design process.

16:45 30 Minute Break

Readability Per Square Centimetre

Luc(as) likes to introduce a new terminology named "readability per square centimetre" and explains that it often works contrary to our expectations. The readability per square cm does not depend on font choice in the first place, but on many other factors, that also play an important role in the web.

18:00 15 Minute Break

The Accidental Founder

What happens when a passion evolves into a business? And unexpectedly, you're required to figure out how to manage staff, pay the bills, and compete with others — all while trying to keep the passion alive?

Throughout his 13-year career, Cameron has been passionate about many things: user experience design, HTML/CSS, typography, app design, writing, advertising, team collaboration, remote working, charitable giving, and so forth. Eventually, this passion led to an unexpected yet profitable business (more than one, actually).

Cameron will share the mistakes and successes he's encountered as a passionate creator, unexpected business owner, and accidental founder.

19:00 See you in the evening session! (Don't forget to grab a beer from around 19:30)

Never Ready

Designer? Developer? Maker? Who cares? More and more it's getting harder to describe someone who makes things in the 21st Century. To Brendan Dawes a modern day designer can be equally comfortable creating a CRON job on the server as easily as creating a baseline grid. In this session Brendan Dawes takes you through his approach to making things; things made for himself as well as things made for clients, often sharing the same question – "how the hell am I going to make that?" From hardware to software and everything in-between Brendan shows how curiosity and a thirst to learn new things drives him on to became a better maker of things.

21:00 Party Time!

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